Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, I went to Millard Public Schools and University of Nebraska Omaha. My mother works as an IT Project Manager for a utilities company, and my father works at a correctional facility. Through school, I always gave attention to both my creative side, and my mathematical and scientific side. Through high school I enjoyed both arts classes and math and science. Going into college, I was a physics major. Half way through I had a change of heart, and changed my major to Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. I was one of the first students to go through UNO’s own Graphic Design program.

While still in school, I began my own business freelancing. I did everything design related. I freelanced part time until I graduated, when I went full time with my business for my first year out of school. I worked with a lot of great clients and made a lot of amazing relationships.

December 2014, Client Resources, Inc. reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in a UX Designer position. Long story short, I agreed and it’s been an amazing journey of opportunity and growth.


I enjoy all things design related, but in my spare time you’ll find me working on projects around my house and working on cars. I love working with my hands and fixing things. I find automobiles to be a great form of expression and love learning about them. I also enjoy a good Netflix show and love going on vacations, especially those visiting historical locations.


I have a huge passion for cars. I’ve owned 20 cars of all different makes and styles. I love learning about new cutting edge cars, as well as the mechanical nature of vintage cars. My current projects are a 1969 VW Beetle, heavily modified with a Subaru EJ20 engine, and a 1973 Volvo 142, that I’ve been bringing back to life as a practical daily driver. But I’ve owned and modified classics and modern cars alike.

Architecture and Houses

As a kid I loved watching home shows, like This Old House and Home Again with Bob Vila. As an adult, I get to live my own moments like those. My first house was 100 year old ranch style home, and my current home is a 110 year old American four square. I love combining tangible work with design creativity and history. I’ve built my own dream garage by hand, including all the planning and permits. I also enjoy remodeling, furniture making, and learning the history of homes and their styles. My minor in art history was actually earned because of how many architectural history courses I took through school. I don’t only like old homes though, I enjoy contemporary designs, especially those that embrace the honesty of materials and focus on efficiency and space. The house image shown is an image of my house found while researching the local photo archives, it is from when my house was being finished in 1912.


This is a hobby I absolutely love but haven’t made as much time for lately. But years ago I started marketing myself as a photography and videographer who would focus on car shows and featuring custom car builds. I traveled to shows and met a lot of great people. Though this was purely for fun, there were a few paid customers mixed in there.

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