Arvest Go

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Project Type

New Mobile App


Lead UI/UX Designer / Research Assistant


2016 – Present | 6+ years


Arvest Bank had an existing app that was outdated and ranking poorly in the App Store and Google Play Store, both in number of reviews and average star rating (under 3 stars). Arvest had an existing partnership with a company that was to deliver a white labeled app, but their slow and vague progress on a new app lead them to contact CRi for a custom solution.


At the beginning, I worked with the UX Research lead, reviewing interview script and research plan. Him and I spent a week touring the banks market region, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. During this research trip, we set up in branches and met with scheduled participants, gathering details about their current Arvest Bank experiences, and experiences they have with competitors. We also set up outside of some popular locations for foot traffic and were able to grab impromptu interviews. During these interviews, I worked to manage the scheduled and the participants, as well as take notes and occasionally ask questions to help guide the conversation.

After the UX Research was gathered and presented, and a set features were defined to focus on, my partner began wire framing this new app, while I began defining the UI design. I put together mockups of various directions, which included both stationary mockups using Sketch, and animated mockups using Adobe After Effects. I presented multiple options and worked with the customer to land on a final direction. The animated mockups help define some of the key design elements of the app.

I continued to be involved through the entire design and development process, and 5 years later, I’m the lead designer on the app and we’re continuing to roll out new features. These new features we continue to collaborate with their business team and occasionally perform prototype validation testing with their customers. I am also involved in monthly meetings where we present trends and changes with the app, and quarterly meeting where we present updates and road map to Arvest Bank presidents.


We were able to introduce a new app to the App Store and Google Play Store which now has 79.4k reviews averaging 4.8 stars. It routinely is in the top 200 financial apps in the App Store and at its peak has reached #17 in financial apps (which was the 4th bank in financial app).


Most customers want an app that follows their company’s brand guidelines very closely. Through this project, they were wanting to think outside the box and potentially bend their brand towards a new direction that we define in the app. Every project with Arvest asked for a unique look.

2021-2022 Design Language Update

I have not added examples to my portfolio since it has not been released to the public, but I have mockups and design guidelines available upon request. After 5 years of having a unique design, Arvest invested in having a new design language created for the entire company through another vendor. I had routine meetings with Arvest’s team in charge of the design language creation, and was able to help provide them information and guidance with respect to mobile app design. We were able to use Arvest Go as the first bank digital property to receive the new design language update, which provided us a great opportunity to work with Arvest in a new way and further define their new design language. It also gave us an opportunity to revisit every screen in the app to refine and improve it, including better text resizing, dark mode, and improved accessibility.

Prototype Available

If you'd like to see a prototype of this project, please email me.