Arvest Premier Solutions

Project Type

New Website


Lead UI Designer / UX Researcher


2017 | 6 months


Arvest Premier Solutions is a new division of Arvest that provides debt consolidation services for pre-screened customers from around the country. The website would be their customers first time being able to make a payment without having to make a phone call. In addition to making payments, the site shows their debt payment disbursements, statements and other documents.


I worked with a team from Arvest to understand the users they have targeted. I worked closely with their IT team to understand existing payment systems and design an experience that works with existing systems while following best practices.


There was a delay between design and development, during which Arvest changed their backend systems and most of the stakeholders that were involved in the design project were no longer on the project. When development began, I continued to attend meetings to understand changes and adapt designs as needed, as well as educate new stakeholders on the original reasoning behind certain design decisions.