EV Controller

Project Type

New Mobile App Innovation


UX Designer, Sales


Summer 2022 | 1 month


We have an innovation lab where we’re allowed to work on trending and upcoming technology. Being a car guy and connected to the car community, I worked with a friend and local electric vehicle conversion company to come up with an app idea. They identified a gap in the EV conversion community, and I thought it’d be fun to see if we could build something to fill that gap.

I met with the business owner to discuss the problem, the technology, and propose a direction. I then created a proposal to pitch to the innovation lab, highlighting the industry and its problems, a solution, and what we’d have to do to create an app. It would integrate with open source hardware to control the EV motors, and integrate with other APIs available through the phone OS. This project is an ongoing project in the innovation lab.

Prototype Available

If you'd like to see a prototype of this project, please email me.