First National Bank

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Project Type

Supporting Current App Design & Redesign


Lead UI Designer / UX Research


2015 – 2018 | 3 years


FNBO was a customer of CRi from 2012-2018. CRi designed and developed FNBO’s first and current banking apps until FNBO took development in-house in 2018. When I joined CRi, I supported ongoing feature additions and updates as well as other minor redesigns as desired. In late 2017, we began a redesign project to create an all new app to better compete with competitors, restructure the app for better longevity support, and better architect the UI for more efficient user experience. The first phase of design was complete and FNBO took that design and developed it in house. They continue to use the new design today.


I began the user research phase with processing analytics data and customer feedback to determine most used and least used features of the current app, and create personas. I then worked with FNBO to present our findings and receive their input. We then worked to create a story map and present new designs language based on native best practices and new FNBO brand direction.

Working through our story map, I created interactive prototypes that we presented to research participants for validation. This was done both in one-on-one user interview sessions and focus group sessions. Each session we’d present life like scenarios and ask users to work through them and give feedback. Each session included different participants and built upon the last session to validate improvements and introduce new features for validation.

The design phase was broken into sections so that development could start as soon as possible and release beta apps to beta users when possible.


Prototype Available

If you'd like to see a prototype of this project, please email me.