NEI Client Portal

Project Type

Web Portal Redesign


User Research, Validation, and UI Design


2019 | 3 months


NEI Global is an employee relocation company. They have a portal where human resource managers can log in to track all of their employees that are going or have gone through relocations. The old website was very dated and over used tabbed views to display all the content.


Working with a fellow CRi UX Designer/Research, and a CRi Business Analyst, we put together a research plan, met with stakeholders and subject matter experts, and conducted interviews. From there we began wire framing, mockups, and prototyping. We utilized these prototypes in meetings with subject matter experts and stakeholders, and then used them during remote validation sessions with actual HR employees from NEI’s customer base. We gathered feedback and went through three iterations before landing on final designs. Once designs were finalized, I packaged up the design deliverables and finalized the design system, then presented them to NEI’s developers. We had open communication with NEI’s developers post-handoff so they could ask us any questions along the way.

Prototype Available

If you'd like to see a prototype of this project, please email me.