PCL CraftWorks

Project Type

Web Portal


Lead UI/UX Designer


2015 | 4 months


PCL Construction is the largest construction company in Canada. They came to us looking for a new solution to help manage craft workers. This was a two part project. The first part was a web portal for craft workers to create a profile, add qualifications, certificates, and resumes, track work history, and look for available opportunities at different construction sites. The second part was the desktop portal where PCL managers could log in, view and add craft workers, and add new jobs and requisitions.

What I would change today

This was created in Illustrator, and it would be interesting to rebuild it in Sketch or Figma. I’m happy with how the design system was defined, but I’d love to apply better accessibility practices. There was a period a few years after this project where I was concerned it looked dated quickly, especially with the use of gradients losing favor in trending designs. But we’re starting to see a new shift in design patterns to include more gradients and other unique elements.