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I’ve been with CRi since January 2015. Working in the Solutions center was a fantastic opportunity to work with many teams, companies, and a variety of projects. Being a relatively small team, I was able to get my hands dirty in several different roles and skills as well.

Senior Lead User Experience Designer


  • Plan and conduct user research
  • Synthesize user research findings in presentations, persons, journey maps, etc.
  • Create mockups and high fidelity prototypes for consumption by stakeholders, developers, QA, and for use in user validation testing
  • Plan and conduct user validation testing using interactive prototypes
  • Create style guides and atomic design systems
  • Meet, present, and collaborate with stakeholders, developers, and customers
  • Design/Developer handoff
  • Developer review


  • Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, Figma
  • Jira, Confluence, Azure DevOps
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (XD, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams (used for team communication, but also used in user research and validation testing)


  • Agile methodologies
  • Sprints, sprint planning, retrospectives, backlog refinement, story writing
  • Accessibility (WCAG 2.0)

Web developer


  • I was the sole resource with in depth WordPress experience, so I became the developer and designer for 3 WordPress projects
    • Custom CSS, child themes, custom plugins and PHP
    • Utilized WP Engine for hosting and support
  • I would occasionally provide snippets of CSS for our front developers to utilize

QA Tester


  • I would occasionally step in to support our QA team by manually testing user stories and following pre-written test scripts
  • I would write bugs and defects, providing steps to recreate

Accessibility Evangelist


  • I research, defined, evangelized, and executed our companies Accessibility practice
  • I created accessibility report templates and score cards to be used for each project
  • I worked with developers to test and define accessibility best practices, and helped research the technical decisions required to execute

Team leader


  • I would often be asked to lead team meeting or events
  • Help plan team building activities and events
  • A resource available for the team members to confide in
  • I would often give presentations demonstrating our projects or extra activities, and step in to present topics that others were not available for

Complete Project List

Arvest Bank

  • Arvest Go – mobile app – UX research and design
  • Arvest Share – blog website – UX design and WordPress devleopment
  • Arvest Central Mortgage Company – customer website and account management portal – UX design
  • Arvest Central Mortage Company Business Partner Portal – mortgage portfolio management website – UX design
  • Arvest Balance Eraser – customer account management portal – UX design
  • WACO Title – customer website and custom calculators – UX design and WordPress development

NEI Global

  • Client Portal – employee transfer management portal – UX research and design
  • Tranferee Timeline – employee portal – UX research and design


  • Healthcare documentation app – UX design

Mutual of Omaha

  • MoONet – enterprise hardware management website – UX design

First National

  • FNBO – mobile app – UX research and design
  • FNTS – managed server app and website – UX design


  • CoreLink Interp Configurator – enterprise website – UX design

PCL Construction

  • CraftWorks worker web portal – UX design
  • CraftWorks management desktop app – UX design

Air Methods

  • Air Ambulance Request app – UX design

Meta Bank

  • My Prepaid Balance – mobile app – UX design
  • Faster Payments/Line of Credit – website – UX design


  • Website UX Assessement

From Now On

  • Game day experience mobile app – UX advisor


  • Organ transplant app – UI mockups for sales proposal
  • Festival app – UX research and mockups for sales proposal
  • EV conversion controller interface app – UI mockups for innovation project
  • CRi website – UX design and development

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